During the sultry day, the bustling crowd went from work to work, and the journey back slowly. After the midday sun, I walked through the empty courtyard of the office, and inadvertently heard a whistling whistling, the sound in the summer will not discard your ears, just sooner or later.

The recent time has always felt that it is not enough to complete the things that I have to do. I haven’t thought about the scenery that I used to be familiar with and attached to for a long time. Until now I hear this continuous humming again, as if everything is solidified here. Crisp sound, why not take care of the jumping heart. In the midsummer season, there are thousands of turns of the sound, and then the hot temperature, and then the tired work will be dissipated in this song.

It should be too long to hear the sound of humming, and the long sounds in the ear are like a continuous cut of silk, entangled in the endless, but there is no feeling of disobedience, the heart still let it go. Song Huan. Free from the tip of the ear, reaching the heart, the time is very short, but it makes people think about it, or recalls the past, or travels around, and both are reasonable. I remembered the childhood time, let me see the children of three or five, and I couldn’t help but admire why I was facing the hot sun at that time. In the sweaty appearance, I was laughing and getting cold because of getting an ice cream. The feeling of the entrance now doesn't know where to go. Similarly, the hearty and laughing words that sit on the green trees and sit on the ground are gone. The cicada of childhood is noisy, with the color of midsummer, inheriting the temper of summer, the coolness and the overcast of the big and the big are opposite each other, but they are unified together. This may be the most beautiful character of the summer.